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Hello, hello,

I write novels, about food, men and women, and how modern life can be a bit rubbish. They’re funny and sometimes sad, and there’s always a lot of delicious food in them, so on this site you’ll find a tiny bit about the books, rather a lot about what I like to cook and eat, and some subjects I blog about along the way (custard doughnuts, Tina Fey, Michael Fassbender…)

The blog section is where le magique happens, and is updated on a reasonably regular basis. I’m on Twitter too, and now on the photography App known as Instagram, competing with Kim Kardashian’s arse for your attention. – If you’d like to say hi, I’d love to see you x

@stellanewman on Twitter

@stellanewman_author_eater on Instagram

20 thoughts on “Home

  1. Just finished reading ‘The Dish’, read all your others too. Really enjoyed it. There’s something very ‘real’ about them.


  2. I’ve read two of your “delicious” books and i’m about to embark on my third adventure; the dish! I love your style of writing and i have enjoyed reading them
    immensely. Especically since i’m quite the London and NYC gal myself!! To more sweet treats!


  3. I have just discovered your books. Began with Pear Shaped and now reading Left Overs. Much fun. Few books provided a real belly laugh. Yours do for me. Reckon I may have to cook mince slowly (8 hours) in the oven for spag.bog., something I’ve not done before. Slow cook that sauce, I mean. Thanks for the food part, the laughs, and the experiences of many women, heartaches, work problems, relationships, etc. All very much things women like myself can associate with. Keep writing please. I do keep wanting to eat pasta now though!!!


  4. Oh God Stella!….I’m crying with laughter reading The Dish so thought I would just say thanks!!…..Nikki xxx


  5. Hello,
    I just wondered if there was anything you could do about the US Amazon issue? They say we can’t buy Pear Shaped Christmas and a few others because of a problem with the publishing company. I would love to be able to buy it! Thank you.


    1. Hi Amanda,
      Thank you for your message. I really wish there was a solution but the digital only stories (Pear Shaped Christmas, and a new one coming in January) – are only available in the UK, annoyingly. The new books, The Dish / The Foodies Guide to Falling in Love (it’s the same book, just had a title change) – and the brand new one, Seven Steps to Happiness – are I think available but only in paperback and if you pay postage from the UK – which is very frustrating. I’m hoping the situation may change next year as it’s such a shame they’re hard to get hold of…Anyway, watch this space and hopefully there’ll be better news in 2017! All the best, Stella x


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