Gilbert Scott and Fashionable Cornflakes

I’ve decided I hate taking photos of plates of food in restaurants for the following reasons:

It gets in the way of eating the food.

It makes you look like a nob-head.

It makes you feel like a nob-head.

I think, going forward, I shall formulate an absolute back-to-basics, topline review system that doesn’t make me feel like a douche.  But I think photos are sort of necessary nonetheless.  You’ll be able to tell I took these in a bit of an anguished hurry, hence the distracting shadows at the bottom of pic.

So, Gilbert Scott – what do you need to know? 
1. The room is beautiful.  Look up at the ceiling, utterly magnificent. 
2. They charge a silly £2 cover charge for bread that’s a 7 out of 10.  Not cool.  The restaurant is expensive as it is, there’s really no need for this.
3. The food is very very good.  8 out of 10.  Service – a 7.  A bit slow, a tiny bit snotty but nothing you could really pin down.

We had a spatchcock chicken with lemon and herbs – tasty but not much to get your teeth into, and I always feel sorry for the chicken’s undignified pose.

Also the globe artichoke and tarragon tart.  I think I love tarragon more than any other herb (apart from dill, basil, coriander and lemon verbena.)

Pretty, but pretty small.

The sides were exemplary.  Perfectly crispy crunchy roast potatoes with fluffy insides.  No photo, but I guess you’re familiar with the visual appearance of a roast potato.

Perfect Yorkshire puds – super light inside, crisp outside, really excellent.

Then for pudding Mrs Beeton’s snow eggs – a victim of their own success I fear.  My expectation was probably too high – I thought they were only so-so / snow-snow… (sorry.)

 And finally ‘Warm Chocolate in a Pot, Chocolate Cornflakes.’  I must congratulate the Tarzan / Jane-like description on the menu.   It was some molten chocolate, covered in a chocolate soil / crumb, with some cornflakes on top. 

Cornflakes are so hot right now I’m surprised Kim Kardashian isn’t getting a vajazzle of the Kellogg’s cock applied as we speak.  Maybe she is, I guess I wouldn’t know.  Either way, I’m a firm believer in everything in its right place, and this wasn’t it.  Pleasing enough, in that you can’t go too far wrong with warm dark chocolate, but just not really complementing the dish.

Verdict – definitely worth a visit, good for a special occasion, stunning room, delicious but expensive.

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