The Pierre Herme Praline Millefeuille – worth the remortgage

 The absolute best cake in the world – mythical, ridiculous, the stuff of dreams.  I once had a two day migraine and the only thing that cured it was one of these:

This slice of super-awesomeness is worth walking an hour across Paris for, it is worth queueing round the corner when you get there for, and it is worth the money: 6 euros and 90 cents.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that small cake is nearly £7, so I do not say the above lightly, yet it is true.  He is joined here today by his compadre, the Infinitely Vanilla Millefeuille – who is perhaps better looking:

and certainly none too shabby in the eating:

Regardez – his luscious, vanilla pod-flecked cream.

Nonetheless it is the Praline Millefeuille (aka 2000 Feuilles) that has the edge: super flaky, crisp, golden-to-the-point-of-caramelisation thin pastry, trying to keep in check the world’s most rampantly divine praline cream, scattered with feuilletine – crunchy little shards that cut through the thickness and offer up a holy trinity of texture – flaky, creamy and crunchy. 

Don’t these two make a pretty pair?

So good we tried to eat the cardboard PH on top, even after we realised it was cardboard.


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