Goodman: good. Very good.

I’m a total Hawksmoor-groupie.  If I’m paying upwards of £20 for a steak, that’s where I’ll pay it.  The Cut is too Park Lane.  Gauchos?  Average.  But my friend has been singing Goodman’s praises for an age so I thought I’d give it a go.  It’s a winner.

Terrific rib-eye:

Fantastic sides, notably truffle chips.  I hate truffles, why order truffle chips?  Firstly – my friend doesn’t hate them; secondly – they were executed perfectly – crisp exterior, fluffy innards, perfect dimensions.  And finally, I smothered them in Bearnaise, which I don’t hate in the slightest.

Plus great creamed spinach with gruyere.

And a little chocolate brownie mousse pudding to top it all off:

Happy days, to have two restaurants in central London serving such delicious meat, classy sides and quality booze in sexy, masculine rooms.

If I had to choose between them I wouldn’t.  I’d start at Hawksmoor Covent Garden with a Pina Colada and a cheeseburger.  Then I’d cab it to Goodman’s for a tranche of ribeye, some chips, spinach, and a glass of Zinfandel and then Merlot, then get back in the cab to Hawksmoor for campari based cocktails in the bar made by Shaky Pete, best bartender in London.  Anyone fancy joining me?


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