The Ledbury – yes, it is that good

Worth persisting to get a table for the £35 set lunch (I waited around six weeks).

Foie-gras parfait on a chestnut sable – seriously could have eaten at least 15 of these without blinking:

A rolled macaroni of crab and pumpkin with ginger and clementine (doesn’t look as beautiful as it tasted, but it was as good, if not better than the crab lasagne at Galvin.)

Wild brill with normal cauliflower, martian Romanesco and shrimp:

Rhubarb millefeuille with yoghurt ice cream:

Lush bourbon caramel, blood orange jelly, and millefeuille macaroon

and best of all, bread

Specifically this perfect buttery little bacon and onion escargot (not as in snail, well, yes as in snail, but as in pain au raisin / escargot, not slug.)

The best thing I’ve eaten this year, admittedly only 12 days in.  Bacon viennoiserie, my tip for 2012, you heard it here first…


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