My book launch

Feel like the luckiest person alive.

Pear-shaped, in the window at Daunt Books, Marylebone, my favourite bookshop in London.

Special delivery of 120 mini-custard doughnuts from St. John:

Some of my guests ate four each…you would, though.

So many amazing friends turned up to support me.  Friends I’ve had since I was two, friends I’ve made in the last month, and three fantastic ex-boyfriends with their mums –  I’m lucky I always seem to go out with men with lovely mums:

I had a very happy dad:

and my own lovely mum:

Loads of men bought the book as well as women – and some of the warmest reactions I’ve had so far are from men, though they seem a little embarrassed about buying a ‘girl’s book’…

These two are probably a little young for some of the content….

My dear friend Susie with the last bite of the last donut, at The Marylebone, at closing time.

Thank you to my fab publishers Harper Collins for putting the whole thing on and making it such a special night for me.  Thank you to everyone who took a plane, train, tube, got a babysitter, got there any which way, tried to get there, sent a message of support, helped with the nuts, helped with the drinks, brought flowers, brought gifts, tolerated the fact that I didn’t get to say two words to many of you.  Thank you to everyone who generously bought the book.   I have never ever felt so absolutely overwhelmed with friendship and support, and I promise at the film premier I shall personally tell Alec Baldwin that it’s not all about him, it’s about you xx

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