My new favourite place

Cannot believe I’d never been to Sicily until last Tuesday.  Am sure my ancestors were Sicilian – how else to explain the fact that everything I love is Sicilian.

The evidence:

Cannoli.  Sicily = birthplace of cannoli.

Killer tuna sandwiches on perfect sesame seeded white bread, with fresh tomato and a touch of olive oil…

Spaghetti all day every day – this one with pistachio and prawns, at Da Vittorio, which is apparently Giorgio Locatelli’s favourite restaurant.

Ridiculously stunning beaches:

Awesome ice cream, and even granita (which I normally can take or leave, but how can you leave something that looks this good?)

Little almond biscuits that look like the sun:

Salt!  And look how nicely they make it…

Plus they stuff ice cream in to a brioche!! Seriously, I am ALL OVER that.

Pears!  Pretty wrapped pears…

and pears covered in custard, lots of custard generally.  At my hotel they even served breakfast croissants with a jug of chocolate sauce and a jug of custard.  Happiness.

And finally, insanely good looking men.  (No photos sadly, but half of them made David Gandy look like David Mellor.)

If anyone out there has a villa / house / small flat, and would like me to house-sit for them for a year or so, just say the word…


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