So good I ate it all twice…

Back to The Dairy at the weekend for my birthday, 21 again….

I took slightly brighter photos.  So for the record, let it be noted – I think that this is the best bread in London right now:

The potted salmon with jalapeno and a touch of cumin, second time round…

The beautiful cod with fancy tomatoes and a perfect crispy crunchy crumb:

And some new recruits!

Crispy beef short rib nuggets with leek ketchup.  How could you not love a crispy nugget smothered in leek ketchup?

And a pasta, just because, it is my birthday damnit and there will be pasta:

And this, that I forgot to mention last week – a tin of treats that come with the bill, including a hibiscus mini donut (tastes of mini and donut, not so much of hibiscus, which suits me fine) – and shards of light  vanilla biscuits, and blobs of apple jelly.

Happy birthday to me. (Except that my irrational fear of getting lost in south London was played out as follows: my dad drove us to Clapham in his car, which has a crappy sat nav system that is stuck on German translation mode.  No one in the car speaks deutsche, so we end up having a delightful tour of Camberwell, Streatham, the South Circular, Brixton, etc – when we could have just turned right shortly after crossing Vauxhall Bridge – which made us all late and stressed and bickery with each other.  But anyway, the second basket of bread helped us all remember that we love each other really.)


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