Lunch at Petersham Nurseries

Ok, so February is the month the e-book version of my new novel, The Dish, comes out. Paperback lovers – it’s coming soonish, May 20th, hurrah!

The Dish is all about the world of restaurants, chefs and food critics. I wanted to celebrate its publication by eating more than usual this month (not least because I’m going to Insane Diet Camp soon – more of that in due course.)

So I’ll be posting anything I eat that looks / tastes good this month on here. First up, Petersham Nurseries – a place I’ve been meaning to go to forever but haven’t because:

a) it’s bloody expensive, and
b) it’s a million miles from where I live.

Fortunately a very kind friend offered to take me as a special treat and I can heartily say that when someone else is paying, it’s fantastic – great food, terrific staff, and oh so pretty.


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