February: input

It’s been a quiet month on the ‘feeding my brain’ front.  Partly because I’ve been writing book four but mostly because I’ve been in Cornwall – stuffing my face – and then at Juice Camp, unstuffing it.  I meant to read the new Anne Tyler but instead found myself reading – and getting annoyed by – books about how broccoli can cure cancer.

Nonetheless, things I did watch are below:

Happy Valley on Netflix

Oh if ever a valley were ironically named…This harrowing six part BBC police drama kept me in a state of high anxiety throughout.  Brilliant.  I am rather out of the loop and had no idea who the actress Sarah Lancashire was – but am now officially obsessed.

The rest of Wolf Hall

I could watch Thomas Crumuel and Ann Boleyn sparring for-evah-evah – shame history got in the way.  I’d like a spin-off show with the two of them, in much the same way as I’d like one with Arya and The Hound from Game of Thrones.

Bitter Lake on iPlayer

A fascinating documentary by Adam Curtis about Afghanistan.  Hypnotically edited, this film slightly fried my brain.  It explains a complex history in a way that is clear, fascinating and profoundly depressing – and utterly essential.

A View From The Bridge starring Mark Strong, at Wyndham’s Theatre.

Hmm.  Not as amazing as I’d been led to believe by the reviews.  Shame, as I love Mark Strong, and I also love the actress who plays his wife, Nicola Walker, who was in Babylon, one of my favourite shows of last year.

I started to watch Frank but couldn’t make it past the twenty minute mark.  Perhaps if Fassbender wasn’t covering his head for the majority of the film it might have been less unwatchable.

Oh, and then of course the shameful 50 Shades – the premiere, no less.  I hated this film on at least fourteen different levels, a deeply unsexy bad daytime porno meets Cinderella.  However, I do believe life is too short to slag stuff off on the internet (I’m willing to make some exceptions: Kanye West ).  The only good thing about the whole experience was getting a pack of Lindor milk chocolate balls, free, on one’s seat at the premier.  And getting to walk the red carpet two metres in front of Jamie Dornan himself.  (Yes, much smaller than he looks on the telly…)


Now on to March – and House of Cards Season 3 on Netflix – can almost not contain my excitement, even while I’m typing this…