April is the cruellest month

Well it is if you’re trying to broaden your cultural horizons by reading and watching movies and good TV*  (Antigone at the Barbican has put me off theatre for life.)

I did almost nothing except work and eat and run, till I realised running is affecting my toe nails adversely. I figured I’d rather be curvy and have toenails than Strong Not Skinny But Skinny Really with no toenails.

The one book I did read – Anne Tyler’s A Spool of Blue Thread – I absolutely loved.  There is so much heart in this book, such lovable characters, such sadness so lightly handled.  I wanted to start re-reading it the moment I finished but had another rather urgent appointment, with….

SEASON 5 – GAME OF THRONES!  The friend I watch this with, who has Sky, refuses to pause the show at any point while we’re watching an episode, to help remind me who a character is, what happened to them last season, or ultimately wtf is going on.  Fundamentally that doesn’t matter as this show continues to be the greatest mix of panto, soap opera, soft porn and brilliantly written characters ever.

*Worthwhile (or not) stuff this year…