May, June…

So I missed updating my cultural high and lowlights in May: various excuses – a book to launch, another book to finish, I was quite ill, I spent three days on a brainwashing course, it’s been rather hot, etc.  (All true.)  That’s ok, because my mum and my ex-boyfriend’s mum are the only two people who read this but still.  Better late than never.

What have I loved?

Game of Thrones – Season 5

This is the show that makes me happy to be alive.  I know that’s a tragic admission – but I’m all about the tragic admissions, read to the end of this paragraph!  Obviously any detail might plot spoil so I shan’t – nonetheless, the last three episodes were relentlessly adrenalin-busting works of insane drama.   My friend who I’ve watched the show with for the last three years has promised his new girlfriend that he will only watch it with her. I don’t need to add any narrative to the above sentence, as it’s clear from outer-space what an utter bell-end act that is; however, it has left me watching the show solus.  In a way it’s more intense when you’re alone.  More intense / more lonely.

House of Cards – Season 3

Everyone moaned that this season wasn’t as good as the first two: folks are so demanding.  Had those who quit early stuck with it, they would have been rewarded by some awesome subplots with the female characters, and a final episode that was hideously painful to watch (in a good way.)

Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg did a charity event for my local library at my local hospital – a performance of her one-woman show from Edinburgh, reading from her book No Turn Unstoned.  The woman is a legend – sharp, witty, warm and smart.  Inspiring.

Waiting for Godot – The Barbican

I have never seen or read Waiting for Godot, as in my mind it was a slightly intimidating play that the most pretentious people I’ve met in my journeys have raved about, in a way that made me think they didn’t actually understand it.  Regardless, I thought it was time I tried to smarten up my act.  And it was great!  Very funny, brilliantly acted – by Hugo Weaving and some other fine Australian actor – I don’t know if I ‘got’ it or not but it made me laugh and frankly, what else matters?

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