More than half way through this year already: scary.

I’m on a short writing break at the moment so have been doing / reading / watching quite a bit, namely:


22 Jump Street – totally dumb in a good way

Ant Man – fun, sharp script, charming, great effects, super entertaining


Bloodline on Netflix – thirteen part Florida noir – you think your family have some arguments?  Check this out.  Terrific.  (Plus stars the delightful Kyle Chandler.)


High Society – The Old Vic – fantastic music, great staging, kind of cheesy but that’s the story.

The Motherf**ker in the Hat – The National – hilarious and original and dark and funny.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – Regents Park Open Air Theatre – pure feelgood hot bearded men dance-a-thon – thoroughly recommended.


Carsten Holler – Hayward Centre – A giant slide and goggles that make you see the world upside down – what is not to love?


The Girl on The Train – Paula Hawkins – so many people I know have said it is disappointing – but I enjoyed it – possibly due to my lowered expectations.  I don’t believe the denouement for a heartbeat, but in the current vogue of psychological thrillers, I find I never, ever do (Before I Go To Sleep, Gone Girl, Her, etc.)  This used to bother me significantly but now I’ve learned to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Talking It Over – Julian Barnes – One of those books where I wish I’d trusted my gut and stopped reading after three pages.

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