August / September…

Yes, clearly distinct months and yet to me they were less so.  I’m trying to finish off a first draft of novel four – and it’s hard work.  (Not actually hard work like being a nurse or a soldier – but hard for me because it makes my brain hurt to think so intensely.)

So I didn’t do much in the way of culture / stimulus.  I tried!  I saw a poster on the tube for a new Mark Rylance play – I’d pay to see him in anything, so I booked a £10 ticket to see Farinelli and The King.  But I have developed the amazing ability to walk away from certain things I’m not enjoying – it’s taken me many decades to learn to do this.  I guess it’s down to that terrible fear of missing out (not using the abbreviation of that unless forced to ironically.)   Plus it’s easier to walk away when you’ve only invested £10.  So yes – I saw a fiver’s worth.

I did sit through all of another film – a little known arthouse number, you might have heard of it?  Ghostbusters? It was playing at Hampton Court – which for future reference is an awesome venue to watch an outdoor film in.  I hadn’t seen the film (nor Hampton Court) since I was about eleven – and was amazed at how funny and sharp it was (er, the film, not the palace, although the palace was beautiful and had lovely flowers.)

Also I’ve been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcasts, after I bought her latest book, Big Magic.  Gilbert is a major heroine of mine – not for Eat, Prey, Love, which I have to admit I’ve never read – but for everything she says in conversation about the creative process, and being a human who is trying to be a more at-peace-with-themself human.


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