Octoberfest, and a bit of Novemberfest too, while I’m here…

My first draft of book four is due in any day now.  It has to be because:

a) The sooner I see the back of it, the sooner I can start that weird process of distancing – and only then can I see it with any sort of clarity for round two.

b) I’ve gone and got myself another Christmas job, in a cheese shop – partly because I’m skint, partly because I like cheese, and partly because I find being a full time writer can be isolating and weird and lonely.  And also by the time I’ve done Christmas in a retail environment, getting on the tube at 6am, and standing on my feet in basically a fridge for 12 hours a day, I am profoundly thankful to be a full time writer and I can stop moaning about it for another 11 months.

So this is my way of saying I’ve been working hard, and haven’t had time for much culture.  What I have consumed in the last six weeks has been mixed.  The new Bond film – obviously nonsense, though quite enjoyable for the first fifteen minutes.  Also, Crimson Peak.  I love Guillermo del Toro, and this film at times looked beautiful – but we laughed an awful lot, and I’m pretty sure this film is not a comedy – so make what you will of that. Also a terrific musical called In The Heights, at the King’s Cross Theatre.  And the awesomely clever and hilarious Stewart Lee, doing his show A Room With A Stew – the stuff he was saying about James Corden was worth the price of admission alone. Happy Hour – I’ve already spoken about here.


There is still nothing on the internet about what happens at the end of this film, so if there is anyone out there who did sit through it in all its ‘five hours and then some’ glory – please do drop me a line…


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