As you’ll probably know if you’ve read one of my books, I’m quite keen on food.  Not just brownies and puddings but pasta in every way shape and form, curries, cheese – in fact as long as it’s not liquorice or offal, I’m in.

If you too share an interest, then here are some random mini food adventures of mine, and some nice pictures of spaghetti and so forth.

If you like cooking / eating brownies, you might like to read about my quest for the perfect brownie here:

If you love cooking pasta, you might like some of these recipes:

Or to idle away a few minutes looking at my photos of pasta:

Or some other pretty, mostly sweet treats:

And if you’re London based, here are some rather perfect things to eat too:

Sadly I haven’t got time to update all my old food blogs but I’ll be posting lots of foody stuff as I go, on the main section of the blog, which also contains most of my writing about food in its archive.

Bon appétit!


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